OTB620 Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester OTB620 can quickly detect brake oil performance, test the water content of brake fluid, quickly detect the brake fluid, and facilitate the replacement of brake fluid in time. It is applicable to the test of the brake fluid of DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1. The LCD screen displays the test results, which is intuitive, accurate and portable. Backlight function makes it easy to read data in a dark environment. With alarm function, when the brake oil test needs to be replaced, there is a sound alarm. 

Product parameters:

1.Test oil range: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1

2.Oil state test: < 0.1% indicates high purity; < 1% indicates good condition; <2.5 indicates that the state is acceptable; >3%~4% indicates that brake oil needs to be replaced

3.Backlight function

4.Alarm function

5.Auto power off  function.( 6 minutes)

6.Battery:6V(4*1.5V AAA)

7.Battery low voltage prompt function

8.Net weight: ≈155 g (Contain the battery)

9.Using ambient temperature::-10℃-50℃

10.Metal tube length:≈190mm ,Packing style:PP  Box

Test results: