OTB6012 Electric Brake Bleeder

- Brake maintenance with integrated tank for DOT brake fluid
- Brake fluid change ; bleed, flush and fill of the brake and clutch systems 
- For passenger cars,trucks and motorcycles
- Application also with ABS systems
- Automatic shut-off on minmum level
- Adjustable pressure regulator 
- One-man operation
- Device construction prevents any leakage of brake fluid 
- Stainless steel body
- Power supply: 12V car battery power + 4m power cord with safety plug
- Pressure gauge: range 0-4 bar (0-60 psi )  
- 7L tank with visible level and min level indication
- Flling hose length 4 metre 
- Weight about 17 kg
- Dimensions :  380 mm x 480 mm x780 mm

Set includes:
- 2 catch bottles
- 4 metre filling hose 
- Standard adapter OTBA-1 for almost all common vehicles

*Additional adapters are available depending on the vehicle type.See OTBAK Brake Bleeder Adapter kit.

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