OTC2000 Short / Open Circuit Tester

Short / Open Circuit Tester OTC2000 is designed  for a quick solution to your automotive circuit problems. The kit consists of 2 main components. A SMART transmitter and a SMART receiver along with a set of connection adapters that will help you:
- Locate short circuits without unnecessarily removing plastic panels, molding, and carpet.
- Trace wires to see where they lead
- Locate electrical components in the vehicle
- Find open circuits, switches or breaks in wires
- Trace and locate the cause of a severe battery drain

- Test and find intermittent connections

Specifications & Features

- Voltage range: 12V-48V
- Directional indication for shorts
- Open/Short indicator
- Audible alert
- Auto shut-off feature
- Signal injection & tracing
- 20' Power lead
- LED's indicate direction to a short circuit
- LED open circuit indicator
- Tone signal injection & wireless tracing
- Toggle tone to indicate circuit's change of state
- Power: Transmitter powered by vehicle battery
              Receiver powered by recharger

Kit includes

Smart Receiver        1
Smart Transmitter    1
Power lead              1   
Probes                    2
Recharger               1
Manual                    1