OTO206 Gear Oil Filling Pump Kit

- Use to extract and fill gear & engine oils quickly, safety and cleanly. 
- Provide with the safety valve, pre-setting 43 psi (3 Bar), the exceed pressure will be relief automatically.
- Provide with the pressure gauge, can be read & control the pressure in the tank more easily.

- Provide 2 way control valve for dispensing more safely.

- The various adapters can be used for diverse vehicle manufacturers and can be safely and rapidly replaced via    a quickconnect coupling at the filling hose.
- 6L capacity reservoir with volume guide.
- Air inlet : 1/4" 30psi
- Scope of delivery: 13* adapters,1* 1M Nylon hose, 1* Dispenser 2M PU hose w/one touch controller gun .