OTT9236C Digital Tachometer

This high quality tachometer OTT9236C is use to measure the revolution and speed of diesel engines. It can be used as a contact as well as a non-contact tachometer.Wide measuring range and high resolution, autoranging, min./max. last data refer , and auto power off fuction.


Detector type: laser   &  contact tach
Speed Measure Range: 2.5~999.9RPM  &  0.5~999.9RPM
Resolution: 0.1RPM/1RPM                    
Speed Line Measure Range: 0.05~1999.9m/min
Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1d)                     
Long Line Measure Range: 0.05~99999m
Laser/photoelectric Measure Range: 5cm~60cm
Display: 5 digital LCD display
Battery Type:  AA1.5V×4  
Dimension: 190×72×37mm                                            198g