OTL2280 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Through the detection of ultrasonic sound, this tool can be used to inspect and check such items as ignition systems, vacuum problems, air brake systems, bearings, gear trains, cam and tappet assemblies, internal combustion engine valving and piston blow-by, gaseous piping and ducting, seals in refrigerated van bodies, air ducts, hydraulic systems, Freon leaks, and many other components.

1. Air/Vacuum Leaks
2. Gas and Liquid Turbulence
3. Electrical Discharge
4. Mechanical Wear
5. Sound Generation

Frequency Response:  36000Hz to 44000Hz
Operating Environment:  Temperature:  0°C to 40°C
                                        Relative Humidity:  < 75%RH
Battery:  9V battery, 6F22 or equivalent, 2 pieces