OTEM230 Digital Oscilloscope

OTEM230 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope is a 25MHz digital storage oscilloscope, 6,000-count True RMS Digital Multimeter functions integrated multifunctional handheld instrument, ideal for field use.

Main Function

- 2-channel, 25MHz digital storage oscilloscope
- True 6000 words RMS digital multimeter

- 100MSa / s real-time sampling rate, 25MHz real-time bandwidth
- Automatic tracking measurement: automatic tracking based on external input signal to adjust the vertical   amplitude \ horizontal time base and trigger stalls, without human intervention. 
- Large dynamic measurement range: no extended probe leads directly measure range from 10mV/div to 500V/div
- Screen can display 4 measurement parameters. The user can choose RMS, peak, average, frequency, period .etc in more than 10 kinds of parameters as needed. 
- Two kinds of cursor measurement mode selection. 
- 320 * 240 dot TFT LCD
- Built-in battery, AC and DC Power adapter
- Recorder --- continuous track record up to 24 hours of event
- Standard USB interface, easily communicate with a computer for data analysis and test results archive through the PC softwar

Display Interface

Technological Specifications

Kit includes 
Oscilloscope x1; 
3.7V lithium battery x1; 
AC/DC Power Adapter x1; 
Oscilloscope Probes x 2; 
Multimeter Test Leads 2 (red, black); 
USB Cable x1; 
User Manual x1.