OTO300 Engine Oil Tester

OTO300 Engine Oil Tester / Motor Engine Oil Quality Detector can instantly tell you the condition of your oil and engine,and instantly know if your oil needs changing!

- Easy to use. To use this tester, you turn it on and wait for 2 seconds for a LED test sequence, select the oil type then you place the oil on the sensor and push the test button. A LED will show the test results. 

- Reusable. Power supply by 2 pcs CR2032 replacable batteries . 
- Simply clean off the sensor with an absorbent rag, and you are ready for the next test. 

Explanation for test result
Any of the #1-7 LEDs flashes green:   excellent/good oil quality
#8 or #9 LED flashes yellow:               fair oil quality
#10 LED flashes red slowly:                recommend oil change
#10 LED flashes red quickly:               recommend engine check

User's Manual Download